Thursday, June 14, 2012

Ordered Chaos

I have been feeling over the past few months that I've so badly neglected this blog and all my hopes and dreams for it that maybe I should abandon the project altogether. However, I realize that the point was to document my adventures in raising two vastly different yet somehow similar children with Autism and sensory issues and a host of other things. Life with them, on top of other stressors, is by it's very nature, extremely complex, and defies any efforts I make to organize it or schedule it or make sense of it. And yet I try any way, because that is MY very nature - to try to order and organize every bit of my life (and everyone else's, to their chagrin). That's my bit of neurosis.

This is why my blog gets neglected. Because some months (or days, weeks, etc.) are more chaotic, while others are a bit more inclined to order. I suppose the higher chaos times I end up with way more to write about when I get the chance though. Far more to think about, that's for sure. It'll end well, assuming an end.

To sum up the chaos that will eventually make it into individual posts:
- our foray into the world of diet restrictions (i.e. gluten-free, dairy-free, and then soy-free) for Liam, then Sam, then me, in various forms
- new GFCF experiences with cooking and baking (woo-hoo!!!)
- occupational therapy and sensory integration
- speech therapy
- behavioral therapy
- feeding therapy
- structured play
- homeschooling, structured play at home
- an end to early intervention, changing insurance, and revamping school/work for everyone
- lots of research (I already added a ton of books and reviews to the books page and websites)
- AND new friends and resources
- (not to mention regular things like housework, fall/winter holidays, family, the Superbowl, etc.)

I know, it's a lot, but I meant it when I said chaos. No order, not even a little. No wonder I was too busy to post anything :)

- Adrienne

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