I've collected information on a number of resources, both local (meaning Utah/Salt Lake County) and online. If you know of a useful organization, website, person I've overlooked, please help me grow this list. Thanks :)


DDI Vantage: Early Intervention - the local early intervention program, serving Salt Lake, Tooele, and Duchesne Counties. Useful for in-home treatments of developmental delays, speech, etc. Serves children under the age of 3, with transition services with the local school districts. Also offers a structured play class if and when a child is ready for that kind of treatment.

Pediatric Rehabilitation Services (through IHC and/or Primary Children's Hospital, various sites throughout the Valley) - speech therapy, occupational therapy, feeding therapy, and more.

RISE Intercept: Mental Health and Behavioral Services - Intercept providers specialize in behavioral therapy, and use the unique method of treatment at the patient's house rather than in an office.

Autism Council of Utah - great local resource organization.

Utah Parent Center - another great source for local resources. They also offer services such as counseling, parenting classes, education advocates, etc.

Autism Speaks - this is a national organization, but one with fingers in a lot of pies so to speak (but in a positive way!). They have information, resources, connections with researchers, local resources, the medical field, you name it. You could spend a week or two on their site and still not see everything.

Easter Seals - another national organization with local sites, dedicated to serving the disabled community and their families.

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