Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Blessing of Balance

My 4 year old gave me the gift of perspective today. He seemed to make a point throughout the day to remind me of not only the challenges of parenting in general, and the added challenge of raising a special needs child, but also reminded me of how much joy there is in being his mother.

Too often parents are quick to forget this balance when faced with day to day stresses of being so responsible for someone else’s well being. I frequently get caught up in negative emotions and react to situations I ought to think through more carefully. The gift of perspective however makes me realize how true it is that every action indeed has an equal and opposite counterpart. For every time my children bring me to anger, for every tear, for every feeling of resentment, there are just as many if not more moments to be grateful that I have the privilege of mothering them.

As parents, our responsibilities are so great, yet our blessing of creating life and guiding it through maturity is equally great. I am inspired to try a little harder and think a little deeper every time I deal with a tantrum or a mess, or anything more jolting. I am inspired to remember the treasures each day will inevitably hold, even if only long enough to temper my reactions.

Today’s gifts included a walk up and down the street, hand in hand with my beautiful little boy, as I watched him look at everything; and watching him slip into peaceful sleep in my lap, concentrating on every note of the lullabies I sang him. For these gifts I am eternally grateful, and for the gift of tomorrow to experience more examples of perspective and balance.

- Adrienne

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